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Enhance Your Wichita, Kansas Home with Lighting Control

What Are the Benefits of a Professional Lighting Control Installation?

Enhance Your Wichita, Kansas Home with Lighting Control

A professionally designed lighting control system makes a big difference in a person’s home as one of the many benefits to having a smart home. For those of you who live in our area of Wichita, Kansas and are new to the smart home world, smart lighting systems give you the ability to control the level and quality of light in any space for specific occasions and needs. Gone are the days of simply flipping a switch; you have endless options for brightening and dimming your house.

When you partner with Turner Home Technologies for lighting, your controls will be customized to your lifestyle and easy to use. Keep reading this blog to discover the benefits of installing a lighting control system in your home.

Use Motion and Daylight Sensors to Automate Your Lighting

Have you ever walked into a room carrying a package and needed to turn on the lights? Motion sensors help you move throughout your home hands-free by automatically turning on the lights when you enter a space. Occupancy sensors also help you save energy by turning off the lights when you leave as well, saving precious electricity.

Many people are aware that these motion sensors exist, but did you know that Lutron has sensors that detect daylight too? These devices will be able to tell when there’s sufficient daylight in an area and turn off the artificial lights, or dim them down to create the perfect lighting levels. These sensors can work in conjunction with smart shading as well. Your home is truly smart when it’s able to tell if a person has left the room or when daylight is streaming in the window and then act accordingly. This is the perfect way to save energy, money and precious time.


Use Dimmers to Create Ambiance

Installing dimmers in your Kansas home is the perfect fix for people who dislike living in either bright lights or total darkness. Dimmers not only give your eyes a break from strong lighting and create a nice ambiance for various occasions, but they also save energy too.

Using a mobile device or in-wall keypad, adjust the brightness higher or lower. Use timers to wake up to a soft glowing haze, then turn up the brightness during work hours using an LED lighting strip on the wall. Later, bring them back down for a romantic dinner. Dimming not only gives you more options, but it also mirrors your different moods and schedules. With home automation, dimmers can also be pre-set to operate at varying times of the day and for special occasions to save you time and energy.


Coordinate Motorized Shades with Lights

Managing the amount of daylight that enters a room is an important aspect of lighting control. By using motorized shades in conjunction with dimmers, you can create the perfect balance between natural and artificial light. For example, pre-set your shades to open in the morning and leave the electric lights off. Then in the early evening as the sun sets, your shades will come down and the dimmers will raise the lights to illuminate your home. Combining these two functions will bring convenience to managing your house, and also save energy.

These are just three features of a lighting control system, but there are so many more! With Turner Home Technologies, you can design your home to match your lifestyle. Call us today at (316) 722-4663 or fill out the contact form on our website and discover how a lighting system can benefit you for years to come.